My Dearest Friends,

Hello, this is Rick Dempsey, former Oriole catcher, coach and current analyst for MASN (Mid-Atlantic Sports Network). No player in the history of Oriole Baseball has ever enjoyed a better relationship with friends and fans, more than me. I will never forget the love and respect I received from everyone, along with the Oriole organization throughout the years. I love Baltimore from the bottom of my heart and dream of the day when I will be able to give back to this great city for all they have given me!

To help to fulfill this dream, I have started the Rick Dempsey Foundation. The Foundations areas of focus right now is to benefit the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Led by Thomas Scalea, M.D. and his amazing team where 96% of the patients in their care - SURVIVE!! Their unique, cutting-edge system is brilliant and has been recognized globally. Many countries send their doctors to study with Dr. Scalea. In addition, each year, 3000 military physicians and nurses train at Shock Trauma. They are all learning to save more lives!!

The minute I saw what the Shock Trauma Center does on a daily basis, I knew that by supporting this cause, THIS would be my way of giving back! I want to help Dr. Scalea and UMMC complete their expansion project that will enable additional state of the art trauma care, research, and training.

Injury is a disease that has no age, gender, racial, social, or economic boundaries. My vision is to raise the $15 million that it will take to complete the new Shock Trauma Tower which will expand and enhance this incredible safety-net here in Baltimore.


So please; Can you "Step up to the Plate" with me Join our team and GIVE, so more can live!

Thank you for your kind support.

Rick Dempsey

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